Ten náš 50x70cmSoftvér

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  • Carefully clean the mirrors and lenses regularly.
  • Don't run your laser at full power. Keep it to 80-90% as it should lengthen the life of your laser tube.
  • To extend the life of your servo motors, mind your speed when etching. The laser head travels back and forth quickly having to ramp up and slow down at either end. If you're etching a small area, you may want to decrease your speed so that the rapid start and stop motion of the servos doesn't wear on them as much.
  • Set your corner power to 70% of your cut power. *
  • Not to cut/etch anything that contains chlorine!



Ideálne nastavenia pre materiály

Materiál Metóda Power Speed
MDF 2.5 mm Rez 80% 7
MDF 2.5 mm Gravír 30% 100
Kartón 0.5 mm Rez 50% 30
Akryl 3mm s fóliou Rez 60% 7.5
Akryl bez fólie Gravír 20% 150