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DIY stereo bar (on budget)


  • unperforated DIN rail (available in electrical supply stores)
  • 2 K&M 3/8“ thumb screws (available on Thomann)
  • 3 K&M 3/8” thumb wheel (available on Thomann


  • drill for making the holes in the rail
  • 9mm drill bit (but you can use a smaller one and extend it manually)

  1. Adjust the size of the rail to your liking. For a 40 cm AB stereo bar I went with 42.5 cm
  2. Drill the three holes in top the rail. For 3/8“ you can use 9mm drill bit on the sides and 10mm on the central one
  3. Screw in the screws into the holes and use thumbwheels as washers protecting the screws from falling out
  4. Use the third thumb wheel as a way to tighten the bar to your stand

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