Equipment for field recording

We recommend borrowing your first recorder and skipping the cheapest range. It is better to find out if field recording is for you and save for a more professional and reliable device.

Less than 250€

  • second hand Sony (PCM-M10, PCM-D50)
  • second hand Tascam recorders (DR-100)
  • second hand Olympus recorders (LS-11, LS-12)
  • Roland R-07
  • Sony PCM-A10

Don't expect great sound with the on-board mics with these devices. We recommend using external LOM microphones with all of the above for best performance.

250€ – 800€

  • Sony PCM-D100
  • Tascam DR-680 MKII
  • Tascam DR-100 MKIII (not MKI or MKII!)
  • second hand Sound Devices recorder


  • Sound Devices MixPre-3, 6 and 10 (II)
  • Sound Devices 7-series
  • Sonosax
  • Beyerdynamic DT-770
  • Beyerdynamic DT-1350
  • Etymotic ER4SR
  • Rycote Stereo WS AE ORTF Kit
  • K&M 23550 Microphone Stereo Bar
  • K&M 236 4 Microphone bar
  • Aquarian H2a-XLR
  • Ambient ASF-1 MK2
  • Ambient ASF-2