Elektroucho Pro

Elektroucho Pro is a mono, passive electromagnetic sensor. You can use with as a regular dynamic microphone with a standard XLR preamplifier. It is significantly more sensitive than other common electromagnetic pickups (such as telephone pickup coils). It is more sensitive than our Elektrouši.

  1. Make sure that phantom power on your input device is off
  2. Plug your Elektroucho Pro to the microphone input of your recorder / mixer
  3. Adjust the gain accordingly and listen

In certain special cases, you can notice that Elektroucho Pro reacts if you touch it with your hands. This is unavoidable since your body acts as an antenna that interacts with the device.

Passive magnetic antenna
Frequency response 20 Hz – 90+ kHz
Antenna 333 turns of 0.15mm enamelled copper wire
Loop resistance ~22 Ω
Loop inductance ~7 mH
Cable 1.5m shielded microphone cable with 2.5 mm diameter
Connector gold-plated black Neutrik XLR